The Samuel Wells instrument pattern takes inspiration from some of the finest 19th century London makers such as Kennedy and Lott, as well as Italian master Vincenzo Panormo. The model is considered a standard ¾ size with 115cm back length. A flat or carved back is available at the customer’s discretion.


Samuel Wells Baroque models are based on Gasparo de Salo instruments and commissions are also taken for Ernst Busch ‘G’ Violones.


Tonewood is carefully sourced from high altitude regions of Eastern Europe and Northern Italy - sycamore or maple for the back, neck, ribs and scroll, with a spruce front.


Samuel meets the need of any customer looking to purchase a new instrument. In addition to the Samuel Wells Double Bass, we are able to make copies of any instrument that can be brought into the workshop.


If the customer is after a particular model of instrument, requirements can be discussed with Sam directly.


Left handed instruments can be made to order as well as left handed conversions of existing instruments.


Payment for instruments is taken in instalments - an initial deposit to cover the cost of materials and then in two further instalments throughout the course of crafting.


To make an enquiry about a commission please call




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